A Great Banda In The Western Kenya Region

KWS Kapkuro Bandas

KWS Kapkuro Bandas Offers:

Lodging Type: Banda

Dining: Self-catering, Accommodation only

Safari: Self-drive Game Drive

Adventure activites: Hiking, Horse Riding, Mountain Climbing


  • Standard ($100-250)


KWS Kapkuro Bandas ()
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About KWS Kapkuro Bandas

Kapkuro Bandas are self-catering cottages located in Mt Elgon National Park, 1km from Chorlim Gate. They are owned and managed by Kenya Wildlife Service, KWS.

There are 2 cottages, with 2 self-contained bandas in each cottage. Each banda has 1 bedroom furnished with double and single bed. There is also a bathroom, a sitting room and a kitchen equipped with gas stove, kitchen utensils, cutlery, crockery and glassware. An outside dining area has table, chairs and barbeque. Shower water is heated by a kuni booster, or fire. A resident caretaker provides kerosene lamps, blankets and pillows. A small kiosk sells basic items.

Mt Elgon National Park is known for its diverse ecosystem, including wet montane bamboo forests and afro-alpine moorlands, and its bat-filled caves, where troglodyte elephants come to mine salt. Wildlife includes the rare oribi, aardvark, genet cat and leopard, as well as elephant, buffalo and waterbuck. More than 240 species of birds have been recorded here. Activities include hiking the Kitum, Ngwarisha, Chepnyalil and Makingeni Cave Trails, as well as climbing to the peak of Mt Elgon. The park gates are open from 6am to 7pm; park fees must be paid in cash at the gate.

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