The currency of Kenya is the shilling. In tourist destinations, American dollars are accepted, although dollar bills printed before the year 2000 are not accepted in Kenya. British pounds and Euros are also widely accepted. Visa and MasterCard are the most extensively accepted credit cards, but other credit cards are accepted in some places.

Local and international banks operate in all major towns. Banking hours are between 9am and 3pm, and the first and last Saturday of each month between 9am and 11am. A few banks also operate outside these hours. ATM machines are found at airports, banks and shopping centres, and operate 24-hours; many accept inter-national credit cards. Foreign exchange bureaus are found in most towns. All banks, and many hotels, also offer foreign exchange service.

Travellers are advised to convert any excess Kenya shillings into foreign currency at a bank or foreign exchange bureau before leaving the country. Anyone wishing to take more than 500,000 Kenya shillings out of the country requires written authorisation from the Central Bank.