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This yoga teacher training programme is offered partly online, and partly in person in Nairobi. This is an accredited 200-hour certification.

Students join this course to teach yoga or to gain a deeper understanding of Yoga & Ayurveda and develop a self practice. Online teaching has opened the door for students to learn with the teachers in India, from their home countries. It is optional to join the 150-hour course only, and later enrol on the 50-hour course to complete the 200-hour training.

The 150 hours online are led by the course teachers noted below. All subjects, including asana classes are taught, except adjustments and teaching methodology part 2, where students are observed teaching and adjusting asanas. The 50 hours in-person are led by Emma Bonnici and an assistant Kanga Yoga teacher. These hours focus on: teaching methodology, asana adjustments, students teaching in pairs, planning and teaching a class. We have limited space for 10 students to ensure quality teacher to student time.

Yoga philosophy - Siddhartha Veer

Ayurveda philosophy - Dr Vinod
Pranayama - Reema Saikia
Meditation - Ram Gupta
Anatomy & Physiology - Rajnikant Singh
Teaching methodology - Emma Bonnici
Asana adjustments- Emma Bonnici
Asana alignment - Ashish Sharma
Ashtanga - Deepak Nautiyal
Sivananda - Emma Bonnici

Kanga -Emma Bonnici


Monday - Saturday
Live classes for 5 weeks / 5 hours daily
10 January - 12 February 2022

5am - 10am GMT / 8am - 1pm EAT


Monday - Saturday

Live classes for 8 days / 6.25 hours daily

Nairobi, Kenya: 18 - 26th February 2022


150 hours online: 950 GBP

50 hours in person: 350 GBP


I was very fortunate to meet the founder of Kanga Yoga, Emma Bonnici, at the Lamu Yoga Festival earlier in the year. Her infectious enthusiasm and open heartedness and confidence, was exciting and attractive from the beginning. But it was the Kanga style of teaching which really resonated with me. A practice which can be adapted to suit all students and levels of experience. A very grounding, energizing, flowing practice, with a focus on alignment in the postures, and a devotional aspect which I really love. Also the use of background spiritual music creates a positive atmosphere and energy.

The course itself was thorough and included important aspects of yoga including philosophy, meditation, pranayama, kriyas, and the principles of Ayurveda. Our asana classes were a combination of several different styles of yoga, including Ashtanga, Sivananda and Iyengar styles, all of which inspired the essence of the Kanga Yoga teaching style. Our teachers were all excellent in their own way. Our daily philosophy classes were really interesting. Our Swami was in touch with current affairs, a warm and intelligent teacher, and so clever at explaining and clarifying the yoga teachings and scriptures and breaking them down to make sense and be relevant in our current world. We really looked forward to these classes. Our anatomy teacher was also very popular, and had a very good knowledge of both the anatomy and physiology of the body and adaptation of this knowledge to the yoga postures.

I would highly recommend this course to aspiring yoga teachers, or as a way to deepen your practice. The Kanga Yoga template is a great tool for designing classes for all levels and is very helpful in sequencing classes.

Above all my gratitude to our inspiring Teacher Emma, who’s vision, constant positive outlook and loving energy was at the core of this teacher training course, and remains with me today as I continue my yoga journey. Namaste


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Scheduled for: 10 January 2022 ~ 26 February 2022

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