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Become an Internationally Certified Yoga Teacher or simply deepen your personal practice without having to leave your job or family. One Yoga & Canadian Yoga Alliance, after 12 years of offering, now offer you the opportunity to study at your own pace and require only six days Residential for Certification.

You will get the opportunity to be a part of a global classroom and still have the guidance of your lead teacher who will personally correct and oversee your assignments and progress as well as be available to answer all your questions.

Over 58 hours of uniquely designed inspiring thought-provoking interactive footage as well as reflective poetry, information and questions to guide you in a direction of deepening your knowledge of your self and living a life of higher peace and prosperity. Within a time-tested traditional framework, this course is for the self motivated and dedicated.

Upon registration, you will receive a package of approximately 50 videos of 80 minutes each. Each video is filmed in an inspiring and new location with explanations and instructions which are clear and thought provoking.

- Beautiful and inspiring online classes of both Asana & Philosophy from the comfort of your own home.

There are a total of eight modules; each module is six classes each: three Asana and three Corresponding Philosophy.

You will also receive some relevant information as well as images, readings and reflective assignments to accompany each module.

You will have the opportunity to speak to Samantha privately or with a group of fellow students a minimum of eight times for 1 hour.

- A karma yoga project (decided individually)

- An opportunity to learn to film your own high quality yoga video

- A six-day immersion at one of our beautiful global ashram-like lodgings. Here we will compete the experiences that can best be done in person as well as follow through the required aspects which must be well understood. (Everyone will receive a certificate but only those who attend the retreat and pass the exam will be fully certified.)

- Webinars where you will have a one to one meeting with your teacher weekly or have the opportunity to be part of a global school. (If you live close it can be in person)

- Guided homework which is tailored by your teacher individually for you as well as in alignment with the ongoing learning.


The course 801$ alone, without the six-day certification programme. This option will provide you with all of the above except the six days. It provides you with 1h Skype call and homework with suggested answers but not corrected and returned to you.

Full Course including Certification. Price of course plus certification, which includes full room and board of six days, and registration with the Canadian Yoga Alliance. 1997$

Suggested start date is November 2019. However contact us for further start dates; we’re flexible.

Your time will be divided into the following:

This course respects the standards and subject matter geared towards the main educational categories as laid out by the Canadian Yoga Alliance and the lifelong studies of ne Yoga Academy. Topics are (yet not limited to) the following:

Techniques & Practice – This is an exploration behind the practices. Discovering the roots of techniques and various methods employed by the various schools. An in-depth perspective on the origins of modern yoga and how all yogas lead to an original source. What is that source and why is it relevant today? How can a student of modern yoga stay intimately connected to the lineage while simultaneously using a palette of techniques?

Teaching Methodology. What does it mean to teach? Who am I? Who is the other? What does “teaching” yoga actually mean? What aspects are we trying to impart? How can we effectively transmit this core idea through a 90-minute class? How to put together a unique class and workshop with a unique take home message? How to preserve the essence of yoga in all of your choices?

Anatomy and Physiology - The basis of our anatomical understanding will come from our Coultier book. You will be given a general overview of basic body mechanics while remaining aware of the more subtle bodies and how they interplay with the outer more physical level.

Yoga Philosophy.

Yoga of Sound, Mantra.

Rituals. What is a ritual? How is it an effective method of transmuting your space, energy and physicality? How to practice and create your own personal rituals?

Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers.

Practicum (Teaching Practice)

Art of Adjustment. Who is adjusting and why? These initial reflective questions are a necessary component prior to being able to adjust in an effective life blossoming manner. Understanding energy lines, the direction of flow, moving principles as well and as pets of touch are important components to this idea. An adjustment is based upon which factors since all physical capacities vary. How to chose which parts of the body can be eased and which parts should be left. Using th breath as a portal, understanding the effects of a posture is crucial to these on the spot decisions needed for a teacher as well as for your own personal practice. In order to be able to receive or allow the maximum benefit of each posture, we must be familiar with the interplay of the subtle and the physical body as well as the technology inherent in each asana.

Art of Observation. Having a deep understanding of the effects of a posture and the loops, lines and direction of energy flow within a certain asana, as well as a general sense of the interconnectedness between the mind and body allows you to make effective and corrective observations. Once an observation is made, how then do we act and why. Which tips will allow for a better embodiment of the asana and which tips will bring someone away from the essence of yoga.

The Body as a vehicle for divine expression through asana.

Tantra and Vedanta Philosophy in depth and directly related to your life now

The Art of Meditation. What is meditation? Why would anyone want to practice it? What are its benefits and what is its basic method? What is the result of a practice of meditation and what are some of the forms which have offered success timelessly? How to make this a part of everyday living in a non rigid fashion.

How to establish a long term effective Sadhana.

Dharma Discovery.

The Art of Alignment.

How to be your own best Teacher. The Inner Guru Discovery.

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Scheduled for: 1 November 2019 ~ 31 December 2021

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