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Join us for a 10-day journey of returning to self: Experience life in Tanzania and the soulful practice of yoga, mindfulness, and breathwork each day. Learn about Maasai culture and the traditional healing practices used by this incredible tribe. Enjoy a breathtaking 3-day safari in Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara National Park. Heal your body, mind, and soul while reconnecting to the nature of this world and your own personal nature.

Day 1: Arrive and Settle

Landing in Africa is quite an experience. Take time to settle into the earth and the spirit of the land.

Guests will arrive in Moshi and settle at Pink Flamingo Lodge, where the first yoga class will be held in the afternoon in order to set the intention for the week ahead.

Day 2: Wake Up to Nature

And wake up your spirit with a soulful morning yoga practice. After yoga, spend the morning perusing the market for fresh foods to cook during your first cultural experience. After the market, you will head to Njoro Village to visit Mama Wily and participate in a cooking class and traditional Chagga meal. Post-meal yoga will be slow and gentle, readying your body and mind for your safari

Day 3-5: Soulful Safari with Caracal Safaris

Depart early in the morning on Day 3 (optional EARLY yoga session). Each day of safari will differ slightly depending on the group’s wishes, but generally we will have a morning sit and yoga session at our camp, and lunch will be served picnic style on the safari. The safari will include game drive in Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park, and Ngorongoro Crater with astonishing views and experienced guides. The Ngorongoro Crater is home to Africa’s Big Five; lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo & elephant – as well as large resident populations of giraffe, hyena, several species of antelope. Each evening at our lodges there will be evening activities such as a fireside chat, Massai beading workshops, and expressive journaling options. Take time each evening to internalize your day and begin to explore all of the facets of healing that you would like to achieve.

Day 6: Grounding to the Earth

After returning from safari we will take the day to truly arrive with our bodies and minds in one of the most breathtaking places in the world, Africa Amini Maasai Lodge. We will also settle physically into our own bodies, and start the journey of making new friends, with our own selves and others. Our yoga practice will physically lead us through poses that help to release tension and trauma in the body so that we can be free from our past. Your transformation may begin.

Day 7: Cultural Immersion

Awaken to your full spirit and soul with a day of immersion in Massai culture. Participate in a nature walk, visit a local family, attend a traditional goat slaughter (depending on your views), visit a local school, or travel to visit one of the many other tribes in Tanzania (This particular excursion is not included in the price of trip).

Also included in our day is a sunrise and sunset yoga session and one session of mindfulness meditation during the day.

Our post sunset yoga will end with a traditional Massai boma with songs and dancing

Day 8: Soul Search

Take time to internalize your journey with a relaxing day of meditation, gentle yoga, mindfulness, journaling, and a fireside share in the evening. The hope is that your soul has been transformed and you have begun to resonate with your highest self and your highest potential. Your return to home will be filled with love and gratitude for all of the beauty and heartfulness of this world.

Day 9: Align

There are many options for this day; perhaps a last game drive in Enduimet Game Reserve, or you may book a massage, or energy healing session. If there are other excursions you would like to take, perhaps a visit to another local family or to the village tailor to pick up any fabrics or souvenirs. Let your yoga practice determine your hearts desire and you may choose how you spend this day.

Day 10: Hope to See you Again

Bye for Now! Hope to see you again in this magical land!

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Scheduled for: 29 May 2021 ~ 7 June 2021

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