Yogi | Andrea Hartley

I have always enjoyed being active. Growing up, I tried every sport and club under the sun, but nothing stuck. It wasn’t until I discovered aerial arts at Louisiana State University’s School of Theatre that I truly found my calling. The combination of dance, yoga, gymnastics and FLYING was gold! The creative workout of aerial yoga makes fitness fun and exciting. After three years of living in Nairobi, I decided to start AER Africa and grow the community here.

Aerial Yoga uses Vinyasa Flow yoga techniques of breath, alignment, flow and mindfulness. Each participant has their own silk to work from and the suspended yoga hammock acts as an assisting device during various yoga positions to allow for greater range of movement, including some inversions. We welcome people of all fitness levels to come give it a try!

Styles Practiced:

  • Aerial Yoga
  • Vinyasa Flow

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