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When I was 17, I had a deep existential crisis about the meaning of life, the Why of my life, my purpose and direction. About how to live and how to live with a solid, anchored, true feeling of happiness within, contrary to the rare, fleeting feelings of happiness I had experienced so far while most of the time I felt sad, desperate and depressed.

That was the start of my personal mission to find the road that would lead me to true, solid, anchored happiness. I tried many different things, all very helpful and valuable. I got to know and understand myself better with every year I lived, and learned what contributed to my happiness, which elements I need to be in place in order to experience a sustainable feeling of happiness.

Those were simple things: Doing my morning meditation every day, sticking to my 8-hour diet, running a few times a week, having a weekly date night with my husband, having two or three real good friends I would see and share with once a week.

I also learned from my long times of meditation and self-inquiry to not believe my thoughts, to know that thoughts are not facts, and to not cling to my thoughts and emotions.

I now offer silent retreats to help others take control of their life and happiness and to become the conscious creator of their lives. These combine silence with mindfulness, beautiful nature, delicious food, daily possibilities for meditation and all the time in the world to rest, relax and just BE.

Styles Practiced:

  • Meditation
  • Wellness

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