Yogi | Marissa Lipovsky

Marissa channels a connection to harmony and balance, recognising the inherent desire within each of us for better tools to make our imperfect lives run a little more smoothly. Focusing her energies on the confluence of maths and movement, she sees and facilitates the holistic health of families by providing practices of mindfulness for every member.

Marissa’s commitment to meditation, yoga and presence in the natural world began early and has been reinforced throughout her life, especially during the grief process following the stillbirth of her first child, Amani. She believes that trauma, grief, transition and reflection welcome opportunities for more complete presence and lasting transformation.

With these intentions, Marissa invites the mindful traveller to slow downand join her on purposeful, movement-focused safari and yoga journeys in Northern Tanzania, the home of the Ngorongoro Crater, the Big Five,Mount Kilimanjaro and a diversity of culture and alternate ways of knowing. A conversational Kiswahili speaker with years of lived experience in this serene and powerful region, Marissa’s intimate safari and yoga journeys not only refresh and restore but reawaken lifelong curiosities and practices of stillness and wholeness.

Styles Practiced:

  • Meditation
  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Wellness
  • Mindfulness

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