A Great Banda In The Northern Kenya Region

KWS Alia Bay Guest House

KWS Alia Bay Guest House Offers:

Lodging Type: Banda

Dining: Self-catering, Accommodation only

Adventure activites: Hiking


  • Budget (<$100)

About KWS Alia Bay Guest House

Alia Bay Guest House is owned and managed by Kenya Wildlife Service, KWS. It is situated near the KWS headquarters in Sibiloi National Park.

The guesthouse is on the shores of Lake Turkana and has lovely views of the water. There are 3 single bedrooms, 1 bathroom, sitting room, dining room and kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with gas stove, kitchen utensils, cutlery, crockery and glassware. The resident caretaker provides electricity and mosquito nets. Visitors should bring food, water and fuel with them. Sibiloi National Park was created to protect the sites of the many remarkable hominid fossils found here. The Koobi Fora Museum offers an introduction to the many archaeological discoveries and the research that is being done here. Other sites of interest include the Jarigole Pillor site and Sibiloi Fossil Forest. Walks in the area include the Hasuma Forest Bird Walk on the river Alia, the Koobi Fora Spit Walk, a hike with plentiful birdlife and crocodiles, and the Fish Nesting Walking Tour, which provides an introduction to the geology of the area and shows some of the sites where Maeve and Richard Leakey found hominid fossils. The Karari Archaeological Sites have findings between 1.9 and 1.5 million years old.

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