Travel With Tamara

Walking with the Maasai

Quite possibly one of the loveliest three days I've had was walking with the Maasai. We chatted about their culture, looked out over stunning vistas, ate amazing food and slept in a different place every night! Truly dreamy!


Wandering the streets of Mombasa I sense history billow around me. It's in the smells of the spices, the scratches in the walls - and the curious characters who talk to me! Mombasa, now a bustling port, evokes the past perhaps more than anywhere in Kenya.

Wave of Yoga Breaks over Kenya

I realise I write about yoga pretty often - but I really do love it. And the fact that Kenyans have taken to yoga like a wildebeest takes to water is just another reason to be proud of this country. Click on our yoga page and book your retreat now!

The Flipflopi Dhow

The Flipflopi dhow has now sailed from Lamu to Zanzibar. This project is close to my heart, and I've written about it frequently. Here I bring you my interview with dhow-builder Ali Skanda.

Tales from Ethiopia

Sister company Exclusive Ethiopia is keeping me very busy at the moment, and I spend a lot of my time in Ethiopia. Here are some of my musings on what makes this country so enticing. (book your Ethiopian holiday at

Yoga in Kenya

Yoga has taken Kenya by storm, and I for one am hooked! Here's my intro to some of the kinds of yoga on offer around the country. Click on Karibu Kenya's yoga page to read about more of the awesome yogis here, and book a retreat if one takes your fancy!

Shimba Hills

This little but lovely national park is often overlooked. But the rare species I found here impressed me, and its proximity to famed Diani Beach makes it easy to combine with a trip to the coast

The Museum of Humankind

Meeting the famed Richard Leakey was a high point in my travelling and writing career. And the urgency with which he spoke of his latest project underscored how desperately we need to focus on slowing down the collapse of our ecosystem

Getting Fit the Fun Way

Keeping in shape doesn’t have to mean boot camps and circuit training. Here I talk to the people who are turning Nairobi's fitness scene on its head, and having fun while they're getting fit


Stopping on my travels for a quick break in the lovely village of Watamu, I delved deep into the meaning of the name and discovered an altogether more nefarious connotation

All Upcoming Yoga Events

  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training: Nairobi (23/9 - 25/9/19)

    One Yoga & Canadian Yoga Alliance are excited to offer this Intensive Certification. Open to Yoga Teachers as well as those interested

  • Tequila Sunrise Yoga Retreat: Diani (27/9 - 30/9/19)

    Get away from it all. Connect with yourself. Deepen your practise. Join Madhvi and Samantha for a Yoga Weekend in Paradise! 4 days

  • Shakti Retreat: Lake Naivasha (10/10 - 13/10/19)

    SHAKTI Aerial and Yoga Retreat Shakti (Noun): The female principle of divine energy. Hindu goddess personification of divine feminine creative power. Hosted

  • Healing with Mantras (24/10 - 27/10/19)

    This an intensive course with international teacher Samanta Duggal on using sound and mantras as an approach to healing. Participants will learn

  • 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (November): Lamu (3/11 - 23/11/19)

    Karuna (करुणां – Karuṇā) Yoga Journeys is very happy to announce its 6th, 200-hour yoga teacher training on Manda Island, Lamu. This is a 20

  • Flow towards Fertility (15/11 - 17/11/19)

    We look forward to welcoming you to Flow Towards Fertility, a unique three-day retreat focused on supporting individuals and couples in their

  • Yoga and Fitness Weekend Retreat November: Diani (15/11 - 18/11/19)
    Yoga and Fitness Weekend Retreat

    YOGA | FITNESS | HEALTHY NUTRITION | BLUE SPACE Energise Yourself | Experience Deep Relaxation | Enhance Your Fitness | Strengthen Your Body · Healthy vegetarian full board menu ·

  • Kanga Yoga Teacher Training (23/11 - 8/12/19)

    This comprehensive course will enable you to deepen your practice and become a confident qualified teacher. The 100-hour teacher training includes multiple

  • Thai Massage Certification: Level 1 (6/12 - 8/12/19)

    Soul Flow Kenya is excited to present a three-day intensive certification that will provide students with the knowledge and skills to give

  • 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (March): Lamu (10/3 - 30/3/20)

    Karuna (करुणां – Karuṇā) Yoga Journeys is very happy to announce its 7th 200-hour yoga teacher training on Manda Island, Lamu. This is a 20