Yogi | Alexandra Spyratos

International fitness leader, yoga instructor, art therapist and contemporary artist, Alexandra combines years of experience and fuses her varied careers in art and fitness.

Trained as a fitness instructor with Fitness Australia, weight management certified, and a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher, Alexandra is experienced in teaching high intensity training yoga (HIT), yoga-core, qigong/yoga-flow, power vinyasa, SUP yoga, spinning, kick-boxing, weight training, aqua fitness, Pilates and zumba.

Combining her artistic capabilities as an international contemporary artist, Alexandra is able to call on her imaginative mind and years of experience in fitness training, to create new and fun combinations of choreography in all her yoga class variations.

Alexandra says: Yoga for me is a really important and necessary part of cross training in one’s fitness regime. It’s the grounding of all body movement. The balance, the lengthening, the extension of the spine and the core strength engaged in yoga moves creates a lean, strong, flexible body and a healthy mind, body and soul. The balance and centring one learns through focus and breath is magic. Yoga is one of the best preventions of illness and age-related aches and pains. It’s the best mind, body and soul balance. The practice of yoga is a gift to oneself.

My aim is to make each class a fun experience, a journey, a self-challenge, but more than anything to make every person leave that class feeling happy, fantastic and on top of the world: that way they will come back and make yoga a part of life.

Having taught at the popular Lamu Yoga Festival for six years, and with renowned clients such as Naomi Campbell and Linda Kozlowski, Alexandra continues to spread the yoga flow with fun and a magical touch.



Styles Practiced:

  • Fitness
  • HIIT Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Power Yoga
  • SUP Yoga
  • Vinyasa Flow

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