Yogi | Edgar Kimathi

Edgar’s meditation journey began about 13 years ago when he realised that many answers he wanted to question about life would only be found within. He began his quest to find peace and meaning and was soon after introduced to meditation, which helped to deepen and accelerate his spiritual journey and expand his sense of compassion and wisdom.

Over the years his spiritual practice has taken a more prominent role in his life and now Edgar dedicates his time towards helping others experience the same benefits.

As part of his role in the collective awakening, he built Conscious Kenya, a growing platform for people practicing and learning conscious holistic living in Kenya.

Edgar has been practicing the Vipassana meditation technique for the last 13 years. Vipassana is an insight meditation practice that allows one to develop an understanding of the nature of mind and body through personal experience.

He has also undergone intensive meditation training in Thailand and India, and is a certified World Peace Initiative Peace Agent, tasked with cultivating peace within himself and sharing it with others. He has also attended and organised several mindfulness retreats and continues to do so with Conscious Kenya – an organisation he co-founded to help others make conscious choices and connections.

Styles Practiced:

  • Meditation

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